HR Service Dimensions

Our flexible services range from ‘just in time’ solutions to managing your human resource function on an interim or on-going basis. All your HR needs are handled on-call or at your worksite. A sample of the wide-range services provided:

Compensation and Total Rewards

We design base and incentive pay models to support your strategic business plans. Your total reward offerings are assessed and recommendations are made to optimize your investment and competitive advantage.

Performance Management

Effective yet manageable processes are developed. Rather than a "report card" of past performance, our solutions are future-focused with emphasis on continuous improvement and career development.

Interviewing and Hiring

Managers charged with making hiring decisions are provided with a complete selection process and training to facilitate more accurate hiring results.


Coaching and mentoring are critical to retention of your top talent, but many programs fail because they are overly regimented and labor intensive. Our flexible and manageable process focuses on specific outcomes for career development.

HR Business Audit

Comprehensive audits of HR procedures to ensure legal compliance and compatibility with other business processes are completed. Resulting assessments and recommended solutions are provided to company leaders.

Employee Handbook

Comprehensive handbooks are developed to comply with state and federal laws, yet incorporate your company's successful policies and culture.

Job Descriptions

Legally compliant job descriptions are completed to include job responsibilities (key deliverables, work outputs and performance expectations) and required success components (technical skills, behaviors and approaches to work).

HR Boot Camp for

Business Professionals

Hands-on training designed for non-HR professionals includes a comprehensive manual containing practical tools and processes to manage the employment function and maintain compliance. Ongoing guidance is available for your HR questions.